Hans Allnutt
27 March 2017

Has your business factored in cyber risks? The links to workers’ physical safety may not be obvious, but any business with computer-controlled machinery or processes could be vulnerable, says law firm DAC Beachcroft.

Elaine Knutt
24 March 2017

Brexit can be a difficult subject to grasp: none of us have encountered a similar situation and no one has the advantage of past experience to call on, writes Health and Safety at Work editor Elaine Knutt.

Dave Lee
20 March 2017

Tone is crucial for the success of mental health schemes in macho environments, says Dave Lee.

Penny Mordaunt
16 March 2017

On 16 March, the HSE used its inaugural Stress Summit to announce it was "back in the game" on stress, promising a new work programme under its Work and Health strategy. As the speakers agreed, there's a pressing need for action. We've compiled the highlights of their presentations. 

Mark Burton, managing director of Burton Recruiting
13 March 2017

The stubborn discrepancy between the average earnings of men and women is found in many industries, including health and safety. Will the arrival of gender pay gap reporting make a difference, asks Mark Burton. 

Sean Clay, president of Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions, Europe
27 February 2017

The increased focus on occupational health gives businesses the chance to merge consumer-style data tracking with better health outcomes.

Elliott Kenton, Fieldfisher
10 February 2017

If successful, the judicial review of FFI could pave the way for future challenges, says Elliott Kenton.

 Sentencing guideline: judicial straitjacket leaves room for manoeuvre
9 February 2017

With the legal landscape rearranged by the revised sentencing guideline, DLA Piper’s John Gollaglee and Poppy Williams look at the new ground rules and how defendants should respond to them. 

David Wright, partner, Kennedys
8 February 2017

As well as introducing the new step-by-step sentencing framework, the revised guideline has had the effect of shifting more cases to magistrates courts. David Wright, partner at international law firm Kennedys, looks at the effects so far.

Bridget Leathley
3 February 2017

The "Great Repeal Bill" will transfer EU law as it currently stands onto the UK statue book on Day One of Brexit, but how exactly do we make it work when we have also left the EU-wide regulatory bodies that underpin that law? Bridget Leathley asks a few searching questions.


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