24 March 2017

The ready availability of powered access platforms has solved many of the short-term access problems found in building construction and maintenance. But, as this film shows, MEWPs can create safety issues of their own and need to be operated within strict rules to maintain safety. Very serious accidents have happened when MEWPs have tipped over, perhaps because they were overloaded, used on slopes, or accidentally driven away from secure and stable ground.

24 March 2017

Do your main motivations include ensuring that people follow procedures, meet safety rules and comply with legal duties? If so, says Kevin Burns, you could be wasting your time.

27 February 2017

Given how much of our time we spend indoors (one US study concluded that, for Americans, it can be as much as 90%) the quality of the air we breathe is of vital importance when it comes to understanding possible threats to our health. In this book, architect and environmental consultant Tom Woolley sets out to warn us of the many ways in which poor indoor air quality (IAQ) puts health at risk.

15 February 2017

Weighing in at over 2kg, with small print and more than 2000 pages, this is a tome and not something you will want to carry around with you. So if we assume it’s going to sit on the shelf as a reference book, how useful is it? 

2 February 2017

This is an interesting publication, aimed specifically at safety professionals and not a wider audience. 

2 February 2017

On its website, Your Safety Pal is described as a “health and safety prevention management system”. It concentrates on preventing accidents by making sure people are competent to do a job, and ensuring there is paperwork in place to show the job has been properly assessed and planned.

5 January 2017

This DVD is designed for use in the training of MEWPs operators (mobile elevating working platforms). It is reasonably well laid out. I say “reasonably”, for after a brief introduction the first topic addressed is PPE – hardly the first consideration in safety. The other topics are: pre-operational checks (visual, fluids, functions); emergency lowering; safe operating, parking and shutdown; and general safety.

5 January 2017

Few would question that, in the multi-disciplinary world of health and safety, engineering is one of the most important disciplines. Equally, professional engineers have a duty to those who use the structures and systems they design, so safety should be crucial to everything they do. In this guide, Roger Brauer guides engineers through what health and safety means in both theory and practice.

11 November 2016

Unless you’re a very small organisation, the chances are you regularly have important documents that you need to bring to your employees’ attention. These might be overall policies, such as your general health and safety statement, or documents that deal with a particular topic, such as bullying and harassment, how to claim back DSE eye test expenses or how to do a specific task.

10 November 2016

Wiley’s “For Dummies” series has been something of an international publishing sensation and now runs to thousands of titles, from “How to play the mandolin” through to “Improving your golf swing”. With all of the subjects, the aim is to take a topic, break out the essentials and serve them up in an easy-to-read format, with all the text in a chatty, “how can I help you today?” style.