Health and Safety at Work

Mental health: when work goes wrong
Dr Joanna Wilde considers how work can inflict “mental injuries”.
Judith Hackitt, who is to conduct an independent review of Building Regulations following the post-Grenfell cladding test failures
The questions facing Dame Judith Hackitt’s review of the Building Regs.
Focus on emergency lighting: right levels
Ian Watts outlines the changes to BS 5266 on emergency lighting.

Practice hub

Call sign for safety 20 July 2017
Is the communication system in your organisation secure, reliable and flexible? That’s what radio communications specialist Hytera set out to find in...
Ideal Heat Solutions
The battle between legionella bacteria and scalding 22 June 2017
Legionella bacteria can be killed by keeping hot water systems at temperatures above 60oC, but at that temperature anyone running a tap or standing...
Rawlins Paints
Put safety at the foundations with the right flooring system 27 March 2017
Workplace health and safety works on many levels, including floor coverings. While it’s easy to check for visible problems during audits, sometimes...
The Institution of Engineering and Technology
Electrical safety: staying safe and avoiding fines 16 March 2017
Does your electrical safety management stand up to scrutiny? New legal guidance can lead to even bigger fines and prosecution, says The Institution ...