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Laura Cameron, Pinsent Masons
Enforcement notices can be challenged if new evidence later comes to light, says a Scottish appeal, opening up a different approach to England.
Kjirsti Rutlin
With Generation Y entering the workforce, safety managers face a new challenge on hearing protection, says Kjersti Rutlin.  
Exiting the EU – concerns of a consultant
While there is evidence that the majority of readers will not share my views, I think we can all agree that the result of the referendum has led to a...

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Paul Jenner
Paul Jenner
Health, safety and environmental officer, Tullis Russell 

Book/software reviews

With so much information available for free on the internet, it has been a while since I’ve...

As a major UK trade association for firms moving goods by road, sea, rail and air, the Freight...

This book starts from the premise that there is a need for a focus on construction safety in “...